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Tired of looking for things?

We keep track of where things are in your home so that later you, your guests and the people you live with can find them.

  • leave blank to sign in but not search
  • only letters (A-Z, a-z), digits (0-9), spaces and - between digits - decimal points (.) are allowed
  • shouldn't start with the words "a", "an" or "the"

When searching as a guest

  • please respect their privacy
  • they can find out what you search for in their residence

You can sign up for a free trial account if you don't already have one (or an invitation to create one).

Our features include …
  • a search box at the top of almost every page — and as an optional part of signing in — to make it as convenient as possible to find things in your home
  • lists of common items and storage places that you can select from to make it easier to add the things in your home here (but you can always choose to use your own custom name instead)
  • you and others can report it when you're low on, out of or missing an item that was searched for
  • the free account that you can sign up for above doesn't expire, and is all you need if you just want to search for things in someone else's home (and optionally manage a few items in one or two rooms of your own home)
    • so your guests and the people you live with only need a free trial account
  • we store only a minimum of personal information about you — just an e-mail address and a user name that you make up — to help keep the information that you enter about your home from ever being misused

And while it's not strictly a feature, we can potentially save you money by allowing you to sign in while you're shopping to see if you already have an item before you go and buy another one. was created because while in an ideal world we'd have everything in our homes organized and in the first (or even second or third) place we'd look for it, for many of us that isn't realistic. And even if it was it isn't likely to stay organized. Plus most of us only have so much storage space, so things that we use infrequently end up in out-of-the-way places (like the backs of cupboards or in boxes on high shelves) where it's easy to forget that we even have them, let alone find them again when we need them. But it can be more realistic to (eventually) go through all of our things one part of our home at a time and record here where they're located. Then we can be sure that we can find them again instead of just hoping that we can.

You don't have to add everything in your house here all at once, though. You can work away at it bit by bit as you have the time and energy. (Our guide on adding things describes a way of doing it so that you can stop at any point and come back to it again later.) You can even use this site to record the items in just a few places in your home: the garage and/or basement that you can never find things in, for example. In fact, you can sign up for a free trial account and try it out on one or two of the rooms in your home right now!